Top Reasons To Choose Wave Internet In 2022

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Not a single household can live without the internet these days. In fact, it has become such a necessity that one of the first things you worry about when you are moving into a new home is the internet connection. The same applies even when you go to a friend’s […]

Top Reasons To Choose Wave Internet In 2022

Not a single household can live without the internet these days. In fact, it has become such a necessity that one of the first things you worry about when you are moving into a new home is the internet connection. The same applies even when you go to a friend’s place or a restaurant, mall, etc. Whenever there is no internet facility available at a café, you immediately think the café is not good enough. Of course, you might also have cellphone data/internet service so you can use the internet on the go. This is how dependent we have become on the internet. So, it is natural to worry about which ISP is better, which one you should choose, and why.

Wave Internet has been working to provide its customers with high-speed internet, TV, and phone services for more than 15 years now. It covers over 600 ZIP codes in over 140 cities and is accessible to about 2 million people in California, Washington, Oregon. It delivers cable, fiber, and copper internet services to homes and businesses. Wave Internet has successfully earned the trust of 455,000 residential and business customers as well.

So far, you can see that this is a great option for you and your family. However, maybe you still have your doubts. You might have other options available in your area and you’re thinking how do you compare the two?

So, to better help you with your decision of choosing a good ISP, here are a few things that you should look for in an ISP to ensure it is a good service provider.

Top Factors to Consider When Looking for a Good Internet Service

When looking for an internet service for your home, you will naturally look for something suitable according to the number of internet users in your family. If you have multiple users in your home, then you need fast internet and higher bandwidth to cater to their needs.

But, if there are only a few internet users at your home, you won’t need to buy a bigger plan with more Mbps as you will be able to work just fine. Additionally, if you are looking for an internet service for your business, you will need high-speed internet with bigger ranges for Mbps to be able to run your business smoothly.

If you have a certain budget limit, then you will have to take into consideration other factors like the cost of installation, equipment, data overage fees, contract termination fees, etc. The cost of installation applies only if you don’t opt for self-install. The equipment cost applies in the case you do not have a modem, router, or anything else along those lines.

However, if you have an old router or modem and it is compatible with the new service as well, then you can use it and avoid equipment costs. The data overage fee applies if you have exceeded the data limit that you have signed up for.

Contract termination fees are dependent on the ISP. Some ISPs offer monthly packages and subscription plans while others offer yearlong contracts. Those who offer contracts have set certain conditions for the purchase of a service. One of these conditions is an early termination fee. This means that if you have purchased a service from a provider under contract and sometime after, you didn’t need the service any longer and decided to discontinue it you will have to pay a termination fee.

Other than these factors, you will have to look at the pricing and the plans of the ISP and decide which one is more suitable for you or your business. As everyone has different requirements, there is no one-size-fits-all, so, you can look at the plans and see how flexible they are. You should also be aware of the data caps for each plan. Determine the internet speed that you want and choose accordingly. You don’t want to end up overpaying for services you might not even use or underpaying when you want to use more. You also want to look into their network’s reliability and security.

Why Should You Choose Wave Internet?

Now, that we’ve discussed what to look for, let’s talk about how and why Wave Internet is benefiting its customers and how it is the best for you.

First and foremost, Wave Internet was ranked #1 in the “Value, customer service, tech support and most likely to recommend” categories. It has also been recognized twice now by PCMag Annual Reader’s Choice Awards. Aside from these accomplishments, Wave Internet has won over its customers through consistent good services and by being responsive.

Wave Internet uses a Fiber-Coaxial cable to transfer data and bandwidth to the customers at high speeds. The advantage of having a hybrid cable is that it transfers data at speeds like fiber internet and it is reliable and secure just like cable internet. This means you get a smooth browsing and gaming experience without any connection problems. Not only that, but you can do work from home, video call meetings, online gaming, etc. as well.

Wave Internet Packages

Wave Internet offers some of the most attractive packages for its customers.

  High-Speed 100 High-Speed 250 High-Speed Gig
Price $29.95/mo

(for 12 months)


(for 12 months)


(for 12 months)

Benefit ·        Includes 400 GB data plan

·        Free TiVo Stream 4K


·        Local TV at no added cost

·        Includes 500 GB data plan

·        Free TiVo Stream 4K


·        Local TV at no added cost

·        Includes unlimited data plan (certain conditions involved)

·        Free TiVo Stream 4K


·        Local TV at no added cost

Perfect for ·        Browsing

·        Streaming videos and audio

·        Gaming

·        WFH

·        Browsing

·        Streaming multiple HD videos

·        Online multiplayer gaming

·        Video calls

·        Share large files

·        Browsing

·        Streaming

·        WFH

·        Online schooling

·        Online multiplayer gaming

·        Smart devices

Works well with/for ·        4 people max

·        Limited budget and users

·        Standard usage/small household

·        4+ users

·        More users than average

·        Mid-size household

·        Big families

·        Multiple devices per person

·        Heavy internet users

Added Benefits of Wave Internet

Wave Internet also offers some additional benefits aside from the ones offered with the plans. Let’s see what those are:

  • You won’t experience any problems with internet connectivity, no matter which part of the house you are in. Usually, there is a problem with the connectivity in certain corners of the house due to blockage and signal disruptions. However, the Wave Internet router makes sure that you will get spectacular Wi-Fi coverage around your home/apartment.
  • Wave Internet offers “Amazon Eero” which is a device that helps to ensure that the internet signal is not blocked by distance or any obstacle in your home and it reaches every room just fine. It also comes with an app. This device uses TrueMesh technology that allows you to make profiles for users and devices on the app and through this, you can allow guests to connect to the internet without the need for a password.
  • BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Modem. This is offered by Wave Internet and it allows users to use their own equipment and connect to the Wi-Fi. However, you will need to make sure that your modem can upgrade the speeds whenever there is an upgrade.
  • You can also double your data for $10/mo. to $15/mo, depending on the area you are living in. This means you are not restricted to the internet packages and the speeds they are offering. You can still get the benefits of the package and have double the data as per your needs.


Wave Internet offers its wondrous services in the states of Washington, California, and Oregon. If you are living in one of these states, it makes for a great internet service provider that can fulfill your needs and demands. To check the availability of Wave Internet in your city, you can go onto BuyTVInternetPhone, enter your area’s zip code and find out! In any case, if you are not living on the west coast, you won’t have the availability of Wave Internet, but you can look for other options in your area on our website as well!

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