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Ravinder Bharti, CEO and Founder of Public Media Solution Gone are the days when digital marketing was a “breakthrough” and a new entrant in the field of marketing. We have now reached a stage where it has become a necessity. This blog is dedicated especially to the aspiring entrepreneurs and […]

Ravinder Bharti, CEO and Founder of Public Media Solution

Ravinder Bharti, CEO and Founder of Public Media Solution

Gone are the days when digital marketing was a “breakthrough” and a new entrant in the field of marketing. We have now reached a stage where it has become a necessity.

This blog is dedicated especially to the aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners, discussing the importance of digital marketing for these parties and taking you through the following points:

1) What is digital marketing?

2) Importance of digital marketing

3) Make the most of search engine optimization

4) Creating a robust brand value

5) Role of website development

6) The beauty of content marketing

Getting the worth of your money

The market in every sector of the industry is crowded and filled with cut-throat competition. If you are planning to launch a startup, you can survive only if you are able to stand out of the clutter and make your unique mark.

Smaller businesses face this issue as well. No matter what products and services you provide, there will always be a bunch of businesses already prominent in the market doing the same thing. Such businesses often spend their entire life cycles in gaining desirable traction from their customers.

This is where the power of digital marketing kicks in!

What Is Digital Marketing?

Let’s start with the basics.

Digital marketing is a combination of processes carried out on digital platforms with the intention of promoting the products and services of a business.

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One of the key objectives of a digital marketing agency is to make more and more browsers (potential customers) aware of the businesses they cater to by increasing their online presence.

The latest statistics show that 62% of the total world population uses the internet actively. As compared to 2000, there has been a spike of 1,239% of internet users in the last 20 years.

Moreover, Google search statistics show that Google processes more than 40,000 searches every second. According to this trend, more than 3.5 billion searches are processed on Google every single day!

In other words, for a digital marketer, there are 3.5 billion opportunities to generate leads every single day. If you do not tap this opportunity which is merely a few clicks away from your customers, your competitors would get on the train and leave you far behind!

The best digital agencies in the world help businesses in making the most of this internet traffic and divert the same onto their websites.

Whether you own a small business or have launched a new startup, digital marketing would officially put you on the map of search engine results pages (SERPs), allowing more people to locate your business and avail of your services.

Importance Of Digital Marketing

So, what is the importance of digital marketing for startups and small businesses?

To understand the magic of digital marketing, have a look at a few interesting statistics:

As for May of 2020, Google drove 67% of online traffic from smartphones and 94% of total organic traffic on the internet.

93% of all website traffic is driven by search engines.

18% of all the local searches made online result in sales in a day’s time.

Mobile phones are expected to drive more than $1.4 trillion worth of local sales in 2021.

64% of online shoppers claim social media to have influenced their buying decisions.

60% of digital marketers create at least one blog (or a relevant content piece) on a daily basis.

90% of browsers are unsure about their buying decisions before making searches.

These statistics make it very clear how inevitable online marketing is for a business to survive in the market. There is no more any need to put up billboards and distribute pamphlets propagating the same message to multiple customers.

Customers have become increasingly selective in their approach and need personalized services, provided efficiently through digital marketing. If you are successful in climbing the ladder of SERPs and gaining a good amount of visibility, your new business can blow up on the internet in no time!

This brings us to a key influencer in the importance of digital marketing – search engine optimization.

Make The Most Of Search Engine Optimization

It has been famously said that the best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search results!

Browsers (including you and us) are habituated with considering the first page of search results as gospel. There is seldom moving ahead to the second page, and the later pages can very well be considered non-existent.

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As you launch your startup, it is essential to get a word out there about your business and get visitors on your website. This will never happen if your website lies in the later pages of search engine results.

As you approach a digital marketing agency for marketing your business, search engine optimization (SEO) services will always be the most common and important services to receive.

SEO experts perform an audit on your website and provide you with the changes to be made to your site for making it SEO-friendly. A good mix of on-page and off-page SEO services provided by your digital marketing agency work wonders on your online presence.

On-page optimization involves making changes in your website to help it rank better on the SERPs, such as:

Using the right keywords

Using the right URLs

Using the right title tags and headers

Using a suitable description

Optimizing images

On the other hand, off-page SEO includes activities that are external to your website, such as link building. The best digital agencies help businesses in getting quality backlinks from reputable websites to increase the value of their sites.

For startups, SEO is always an ideal kick-start to their business for getting recognized by their potential customers. For small businesses, SEO helps them fight cut-throat competition for the desirable SERP ranks and create their niche in the market.

Creating An Impeccable Brand Value

Every sale you make and every customer you earn depends on the value of your brand. If you are starting a new business, you need to build a brand value that resonates with your customers and keeps you going strong in the market for long.

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For smaller businesses, increasing their brand value would help their customers differentiate from their competitors and provide uniqueness to their services.

The importance of digital marketing is all about helping businesses leverage their brand value online. Today, a website is often the first contact point between a brand and a potential customer. If this first impression does not work out as planned, things are bound to go downhill!

Your online marketing agency helps you create a website that is not only SEO-friendly but buyer-friendly as well. Getting visitors on your site is never enough. It is important to retain them and serve them according to their specific needs.

A user-friendly website with engaging content will build an approving image of your brand in the mind of your potential customers. Even if they leave your site without making a purchase, a good browsing experience will always stay with them, leading to an eventual increase in your brand value.

Role Of Website Development

Website development plays an important role in improving your brand value. A digital marketing agency contains skilled website developers for creating a website that is interactive, unique, and interesting.

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Apart from designing a website, website development involves the creation of unique and engaging content. Best digital agencies have skilled content writers to fill websites with quality content.

Relevant, interesting, unique, and original content makes one want to explore the website, make engagements, and leave the site with a positive image of the brand in their minds.

The Beauty Of Content Marketing

Across all the years of evolution that the field of marketing went through, the content has remained the key to successful messaging.

Irrespective of the medium you choose, the services you provide, and the industry you operate in, you will never be able to sell your products/services with the use of sub-standard content.

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Content marketing involves the creation of blogs, articles, guest posts, landing pages, and other pieces of quality content to promote a business. If you are able to convince a reader through write-ups, you can get them to engage with your business.

Content marketing is an inevitable tool for digital marketing. You cannot create an online presence without using content, which naturally makes it an important part of a digital marketing campaign.

It is advisable for all startups to make the best use of content marketing for consolidating a position on the internet. Once your content starts making people talk, there is no going back!

Getting The Worth Of Your Money

Another reason why digital marketing is important for startups and small businesses is that it gives you your money’s worth.

ROI in terms of digital marketing is largely based on the amount of traffic you (or your digital marketing agency) generates within a given period of time.

One of the many investments you can make to drive instant engagement through paid media.

Paid media is the closest digital marketing comes to traditional marketing. It allows you to get a hold of strategic spaces on the internet and generate awareness about your brand by paying for the same.

Some of the best digital agencies provide PPC services, which are an integral part o paid media.

Through the pay-per-click model on online marketing, you can pay your marketer ever time your online ad is clicked by the browsers. This gives you specific data about the number of visitors visiting your website.

These activities make it easier to assess the return you get on your investment in terms of online traction.

It is, therefore, essential for a digital marketing agency to come up with the most unique and engaging marketing strategies to provide the maximum traction a brand can get for a specific sum of money.

When you are starting a new business, you may struggle with your finances while making little to no sales. During such times, keeping a track of your ROI and ensuring that you get what you pay for is of utmost importance.

Summing It Up

Digital marketing is, in equal parts, an exciting and demanding activity. It takes a creative, analytical, and passionate marketer to crack the code and make it big in the market!

The importance of digital marketing for startups lies in making the most out of the limited resources available with the business. It plays an important role in gaining more online exposure and converting maximum netizens into leads!

For smaller businesses, digital marketing is a tool for being recognized in the sea of similar businesses and form a unique impression in the minds of their customers. In a way, it puts them on the same platform as larger corporations when it comes to gaining online traction.

If used right, digital marketing can work wonders for your business, making it reach the best of the heights and stay there for the years to come!


Public Media Solution

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Banashankari 3rd Stage Bangalore Karnataka- 560085

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Public Media Solution

Public Media Solution (PMS) is a public relations and SEO company. It is based in the Kharadi region of Pune (Maharashtra), India. The PMS team has ample working experience in digital marketing, SEO, and PR. The firm is headed by Ravinder Bharti, the founder, and CEO of Public Media Solution.

PMS offers advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) services. A separate team handles Public Relations. Content writing services and E-commerce solutions are also provided by PMS. With clients located in India and abroad, PMS is known for its scalable and efficient services.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The SEO experts at Public Media Solution help businesses rank their websites high on the SERPs. The team carries out strategic research on clients to ensure an organic increase in the site’s traffic.

Both on-page and off-page methods are used by experts for SEO. These include keyword optimization, content writing, keyword research, and link building.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

With a team of SMO experts, PMS helps clients in promoting their businesses on social media. The team covers all major social media platforms and chooses the best fits for the clients.

SMO experts help clients in creating a social media account and posting regular content. They also indulge in finding endorsements and celebrity integrations, among other relevant SMO services.

Content Writing Services

The team of content writers at PMS helps clients in creating quality content. According to specific needs, the clients can get blogs, articles, landing pages, or website content written. The content writers also help businesses in drafting content for their social media posts.

PMS ensures that the content created by the team is original, unique, informative, and not duplicated.

Public Relations

PMS helps businesses build and maintain a positive image in the market. From writing content for media releases to organizing PR programs, the team provides professional PR services suiting the client’s needs.

The PR services of Public Media Solution include:

Media Relations

Reputation Management

Internal Communications

Visibility Management

Media Monitoring and Analysis

Corporate Branding and Crisis Management.

E-commerce Solutions

Public Media Solution helps online sellers and e-commerce ventures through their “Launch and Support” services. They cover all prominent e-commerce platforms for their services.

A special team of e-commerce experts helps online sellers by providing them complete support through call, email, and remote assistance. They ensure that the sellers face no issues in setting up their ventures and running them successfully.

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