NOR MCInfo Relaunches as NIC Insurance Filings, One-Stop Resource for Filing Personal and Commercial Auto Insurance Forms

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System now offers high-risk personal auto forms as well as new participating states NIC Inc.’s National Online Registries (NOR) Motor Carrier Information Exchange (MCInfo) is now NIC Insurance Filings, a new brand to recognize a wide expansion of services and participating states. NIC Insurance Filings is accessible at NIC […]

System now offers high-risk personal auto forms as well as new participating states

NIC Inc.’s National Online Registries (NOR) Motor Carrier Information Exchange (MCInfo) is now NIC Insurance Filings, a new brand to recognize a wide expansion of services and participating states. NIC Insurance Filings is accessible at

NIC Insurance Filings has expanded to include electronic filing services for high-risk personal auto insurance forms SR-22, SR-23 and SR-26 and the addition of the states of Iowa and Washington. Users can now file 16 forms to meet state financial responsibility requirements for intrastate motor carriers, drivers and vehicle owners. The most commonly filed forms in NIC Insurance Filings are Forms E, H and K as well as California forms MCP 65 and MCP 66.

“Our new brand better represents a program that is expanding into a one-stop resource for insurance companies,” said Laura Johnson, General Manager of NIC Insurance Filings. “In addition, the new brand follows a national initiative led by our parent company, NIC Inc., to align our brands and demonstrate our commitment to making government interactions more accessible for citizens and businesses through technology.”

NIC Insurance Filings strives to provide a one-stop filing solution that allows insurance companies to meet their filing needs and to comply with individual state requirements while eliminating the need to mail or fax paper forms. The NIC Insurance Filings team constantly works to add new forms and establish partnerships with new state agencies.

Twenty-three state agencies now accept filings through NIC Insurance Filings, including the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC), where NIC Insurance Filings has been a critical partner in the agency’s efforts to provide online services and exchange information with its stakeholders for more than a decade. The Pennsylvania PUC processes more than 6,000 insurance policies annually via NIC Insurance Filings, and the centralized, fully electronic filing options have been essential to the agency’s ability to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic. Filings processed through NIC Insurance Filings increased by 36% in the second quarter of 2020, preventing lapses in insurance verification for motor carriers during the pandemic.

“NIC Insurance Filings has delivered valuable services to the PUC for over 14 years and continues to be a responsive partner and provide ongoing maintenance, support and customer service,” said Tatjana Roth, Bureau of Technical Utility Services Transportation Division Supervisor for the PUC. “NIC delivers on our organization’s mission to provide a quick, convenient solution for insurance companies to file the required documentation for their motor carrier customers.”

In addition, NIC Insurance Filings’ top-notch customer support and outreach has resulted in nearly 100% adoption of the system in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

“NIC’s mission is to better connect citizens and businesses to government, and that’s exactly what NIC Insurance Filings does for insurance companies and our state government partners,” said Harry Herington, NIC CEO and Chairman of the Board. “We are proud to expand this new brand and to show NIC Insurance Filings’ versatility as more and more insurance forms are introduced.”

NIC Insurance Filings speeds up the submission process and increases transparency by providing visibility and tracking of insurance filings through the approval process. Automatic data population helps save time and prevents data entry errors when submitting multiple forms at once.

For participating states, NIC Insurance Filings provides a centralized system to receive and review insurance filings, automatically communicate with insurance companies, and track trends and progress via the reporting feature.

About NIC Insurance Filings

For two decades, NIC Insurance Filings, formerly the National Online Registries (NOR) Motor Carrier Information Exchange (MCInfo), has enabled quick, convenient processing of insurance forms. NIC Insurance Filings partners with participating states nationwide to provide secure and efficient insurance certificate filing services to insurance companies, filing agencies and managing general agents. Headquartered in Arlington, Va., NIC Insurance Filings is a wholly owned subsidiary of NIC Inc. (NASDAQ: EGOV). For more information, please visit

About NIC Inc.

NIC (Nasdaq: EGOV) is a leading digital government solutions and payments company, serving more than 7,000 federal, state and local government agencies across the nation. With headquarters in Olathe, Kan., NIC partners with the majority of U.S. states to deliver user-friendly digital services that make it easier and more efficient to interact with government – providing valuable conveniences like applying for unemployment insurance, submitting business filings, renewing licenses, accessing information and making secure payments without visiting a government office. In the COVID-19 era and beyond, NIC helps government agencies rapidly deliver digital solutions to provide essential services to citizens and businesses alike. Having served the public sector for nearly 30 years, NIC continues to evolve with its federal, state and local government partners to deliver innovative and cost-effective digital government to constituents. Learn more at

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Kara Cowie | NIC Inc.
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Laura Johnson | NIC Insurance Filings
General Manager
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