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Access thousands of our marketing strategy online marketing resources here. Select any of the popular topics below to narrow your search. Get unlimited access to all of our exclusive marketing resources. Go PRO Today Go PRO Now Get unlimited access to all of our exclusive […]

Access thousands of our marketing strategy online marketing resources here. Select any of the popular topics below to narrow your search.

Get unlimited access to all of our exclusive marketing resources. Go PRO Today

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  • Three Reasons (and Tips) for Reaching Out to the Hispanic Community

    by Cristina Pedroza

    In the business world, companies aren’t just content reaching a percentage of consumers; companies want to catch them all. But there’s one consumer subset that seems tricky to capture
    The Latino community in the United States, comprised of over 52 million individuals, is a venerable melting pot of sub-cultures and … more

  • Five Digital Marketing Predictions for 2014

    by Merlyn Gordon

    What will 2014 bring for digital marketers? Here are my predictions. more

  • Busting the Myth of the Rational Buyer

    by Michael Harris

    I always felt that people often make decisions emotionally, then justify them with logic, but I didn’t have the proof to back up this theory—until now. more

  • Which of These Six Needs Do Your Customers Have?

    by Rachel Honig

    Focus on helping your customers fulfill their needs, not on selling product. Here’s a look at look at the various needs that most customers have. more

  • Get to Know All About Your 'Multidimensional Consumers'

    by Ederick Lokpez

    At least one spouse of 21% of married couples in the US is foreign-born. Even as those people adopt US behaviors, they retain their native customs. Are you reaching out to such “multidimensional customers”? more

  • What Marketers Can Learn About Storytelling From Chipotle's Scarecrow Video

    by Michele Miller

    Recently, Chipotle’s video featuring a scarecrow went viral. What made the animated short such a hit online? more

  • Three Big Reasons Why Marketers Should Annotate Their Curated Content

    by Pawan Deshpande

    Curating good content is easy for most businesses. But annotating that good content to make it better… requires a little more work. Here’s why you should be adding your insights to the content you curate. more

  • What Marketers Can Learn From One Hilarious Sportscaster

    by Alan Belniak

    Sportscaster Adam Lefkoe’s recent broadcasts are infused with themes, such as quotes from Seinfield and rap lyrics. Find out what you can learn from his creative, shareable content. more

  • Think (and Market) Like a Rock Star [Visual Sketchnotes]

    by Verónica Jarski

    I a recent Marketing Smarts podcast, author Mack Collier discussed how rockstars inspire devotion in their fans and cultivate new ones, and how brands can do the same. Here’s a look at his tips in the form of visual sketchnotes. more

  • Build an Award-Building Blog in Less Than a Year [Visual Sketchnotes]

    by Verónica Jarski

    In a recent Marketing Smarts podcast, Ian Cleary shared tips about content creation, blogging tools, and building a blog audience. Here’s a look at his suggestions—in the form of visual sketchnotes. more

  • Make Sure Your Emails Are Wicked Smaht [Slideshow]

    by Perrin McCormick

    Though we can’t eliminate emails from the business world, we can strive for smarter ones (or “smahter,” as they say here in Boston). Consider these 10 tips for wicked smaht communications. more

  • 10 Marketing Buzzwords to Stop Using Right Now

    by Verónica Jarski

    After we published the first buzzwords slide show, 15 Marketing Buzzwords to Stop Using Now, we received illustration-worthy comments from readers. Who could resist doodling a sequel to the anti-buzzwords slide show? Not me! more

  • Dealing With Trolls, Jerks, and Other Online Bullies [Slideshow]

    by Verónica Jarski

    Kerry O’Shea Gorgone recently talked to Andrea Weckerle, author of Civility in the Digital Age in a recent Marketing Smarts podcast. As I listened, I took sketchnotes, which I’m sharing here in a slide show. more

  • Social Media’s Unique Asset: The Self-Selecting Customer

    by Philip Paranicas

    Self-selecting customers are prospects and customers who have chosen to follow your social media initiatives. They selected to be part of your life. So, aside from Likes and views, what’s the real value of these social media buffs? more

  • The Frugal Content Marketer’s Secret Weapon: Fiverr

    by Jason Miller

    Marketers on a tight content-creation budget should check out the Fiverr website. It’s where people offer an insanely wide variety of services for only five US dollars. more

  • by Verónica Jarski

    T help businesses manage content and determine how to set up a content team, Altimeter Group published the “Organizing for Content: Models to Incorporate Content Strategy and Content Marketing in the Enterprise” report today. more

  • You Know You're a Marketer If... [Slide Show]

    by Verónica Jarski

    I asked the MarketingProfs Facebook group to finish this sentence: “You know you’re a marketer if…” The responses that made us laugh the most were then illustrated and published in this slide show. more

  • Seven Reasons Your Company May Want Its Own Mobile App

    by Amanda DiSilvestro

    Should your company have its own mobile app? It depends. Here’s a quick list of reasons why companies should consider creating an app. more

  • Three Tragic Flaws That Could Mean Curtains for Your Digital Strategy [Visual Sketch Notes]

    by Verónica Jarski

    Some digital strategies are doomed because of the tragically flawed way marketers implement them. A free MarketingProfs presentation discussed those flaws and tips for overcoming them. I captured that info in sketch notes. more

  • Eight Misconceptions About Working From Home [Illustrated Slide Show]

    by Veronica JarskiCoreyO’Loughlin

    Yahoo’s leaked memo regarding telecommuting got us thinking about misconceptions about it. MarketingProfs boasts a remote workforce, so we know what the misconceptions are… as well as the realities. more

  • 15 Marketing Buzzwords to Stop Using Immediately

    by Verónica Jarski

    Wat marketing words or expressions make you cringe? We put the question to our MarketingProfs Facebook group, and some of the best answers inspired the following slide show. more

  • A MarketingProfs Valentine Song

    by Ann Handley

    On this Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing a fun holiday song created and performed by one of our MarketingProfs PRO members, Chuck Kent, president of Creative on Call. Enjoy! more

  • Three Reasons People Hate Your Presentation Slides

    by Verónica Jarski

    You took time to create your presentation slides, so why is your audience wincing at the sight of them? Here are three common mistakes you may be making with your slides. more

  • Three Ways You're Pushing Away Customers on Facebook... and 11 Ideas for Engaging Them [Slide Show]

    by Verónica Jarski

    Many businesses create a Facebook company page then expect customers to engage with them immediately. However, many companies make the following mistakes that push customers away. more

  • by Verónica Jarski

    Are you responsible for customer, relationship, or loyalty marketing within your organization? If so, then check out the free seminar, “Automating Customer Lifecycle Management” on Tuesday, Jan. 29. more

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